Chainsaw not cutting?

The only way to get the best cutting performance out of your chainsaw is with a sharp chain.

Over time, even the best chain will lose its sharpness and this blunting of the chain makes cutting difficult and causes the engine to work harder, causing wear.

Indicators of a blunt chain are:

  • The chain doesn’t grab into the wood and requires the operator to apply pressure to the unit, which then places pressure on the engine.
  • While making a cut, the chainsaw creates fine sawdust rather than shavings.
  • Smoke occurs even though the chain tension is correct and is lubricated.
  • The chainsaw may rattle or bounce around making it difficult to position while attempting the cut.

If you notice these signs while working with your chainsaw, it is time to give us a call for a sharpen or potentially replace the chain.

For chain sharpening, new chains, or a service call now on 03 5442 2669.